Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Secret Browser

I'm confused when my browser didn't work properly, I am wondering if there is a problem with my work station or in me hehehehe. At that time I restart my computer and find ways how to browse the net without using the browser but of course to think you can browse the net without using your internet browser is totally insane. hehehehe Anyway, I read some article that state there is a secret browser in our computer. hmmm it is sound funny but it is true. The compiled HTML or commonly see as HELP can be made as a web browser and work same as a browser. I open my notepad and I click the help from menu bar.

after pressing the help the compiled HTML will appear. Next thing you do is to right click on his header or on its title bar and you can noticed different links, click the Jump to URL it can be found on 2nd to the last or in lower most part.

after clicking the jump to URL there is a input box will appear in your monitor. for example you want to visit the famous site which is google type in on the box http://google.com and strike the ENTER key in your keyboard and wait for a few seconds for a process then after a long time of waiting the compiled HTML or help can be now a browser.

When I checked again my browser hahayzt, i think my momo sa computer ko! at this time may browser works properly hehhehehee...... Add Image

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