Thursday, March 19, 2009

Invisible Scanner --Yahoo status - invisible or not? -

Hola! como esta?

I just want to share this to you a crazy site found by my co-worker.
In every time I log-in in my yahoo messenger most of the time my status is invisible for the reason, I want to focus my work let we say "just hide from unimportant business" heheheh... Unknowingly there is a site who can traced either you are invisible or offline, it will tell you the status of particular email address. When my friend found this site I feel guilty! because most of the time they buzz me and I ignore them hehehehe.....

You can visit this site in below link:

It is really amazing and fun to know someone is hiding....
Just enter the email address or yahoo ID in the input box..

God bless you All...

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  1. Another service to detect invisible yahoo is :