Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Disable USB Drives On Your computer

Do you have a problem regarding viruses in your USB specifically "flash Disk"? Or you want to have a privacy in disseminating your files in your computer?

I found some interesting software that can be disable your USB ports. Yeah! you read it right It can disable all your USB ports, there's no worry about this software, 100% safe. You don't need to install this software in order for you to use, this is an EXE file.

First download the file then save it on your computer that someone can't find the file except you. After saving the file disableUSB.exe you need to double click and select Disable USB Drives and press APPLY. After click Apply make sure you reboot or restart after making the change.

How about you want to enable it again? there's no worry about.... Find the file disableUSB.exe, double click and select the Enable USB Drive and press APPLY. Reboot or restart your computer again...

Below is the available download link where you can download the disableUSB.exe

Download here: disableUSB.exe

Godbless You All...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

multiple YAHOO messenger in your deskTop

If you are utilizing windows this can be useful in order to have multiple yahoomesseger in your precious desktop....

  1. Go to to your START menu and find the RUN command.
  2. type REGEDIT in RUN command to show the registry editor.
  3. In your Registry editor, you can see that the window is subdivided into two. Find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER in left. You can notice the HKEY_CURRENT_USER has a positive sign(+) . click the plus sign(+) and you can see HKEY_CURRENT_USER subdirectory.
  4. Try to find Software. Left side of the word Software has a positive sign(+). Click the plus sign (+) in order for your to see its subdirectory, and you can see a list of files.
  5. Next find the word Yahoo. It can be found on the lower part under the Software directory. Yahoo has a subdirectory in order for you to see its subdirectory click the postive or plus sign (+) on its left side.
  6. After you found Yahoo and see its subdirectory, next is find the pager under the directory of Yahoo and you can notice again the posive sign (+) on the left side of the pager. Click the positive sign and you can see subdirectory of pager.
  7. And find the Test word or directory under the pager directory. Click the Test directory and you can noticed on the right side of the window Registry Editor you can see a file name Default, the type is REG_SZ, and the data indicated "value is not set".
  8. Right click on the right side of the window Registry Editor which I describe in step number 7 , click new and you can see its subdirectory again and select the DWORD and name it plural or the filename of this DWORD should be plural. Since you created a new file, name plural next thing you must to do is double click the file. There is a small window will appear, change the value of data to 1 then the base should be Hexadecimal and click ok. Close the Registry Editor and restart your computer...

There you go...
Congratulation You have now a Multiple Yahoo Messenger in your desktop... You can now log in your yahoo account as many as you can.